About Boho

Boho is a clothing brand founded by Małgosia Bochenek in 2010 in Krakow. Inspired by nature, in response to current trends she has created a line of 10 hooded shirts made from recycled fabrics. After the success of her first collection she took up the challenge to start her own business. The brand is growing dynamically by significantly expanding its offerings thereby building a large group of customers in Poland and abroad.

Małgosia Bochenek is heart and spirit of BOHO. She create it with love. Love for flowers. Love for beautiful things. And love for freedom that comes from working for your own brand. She’s a mom of two boys, Tymek&Adam.

Boho isn’t just clothes It is a way of life which we seek to shown in our photo shoots,movies or during life events. We want to prove that life with passion is possible. We believe in the power of nature and acting in harmony with it. Our fashion shows are a feast for the senses. We are organizing them in beautiful surroundings and with specially created music. Our guests are welcomed with delicious food and wine. It’s all adds up to a family atmosphere that can not be forgotten.

Fabric is the hallmark of our brand. Our favorites are the ones with floral motifs. We sew both with recycled and new fabrics which are usually a mixture of cotton and natural fibers.

Boho HoodieFor the past five years has found its place in many women’s wardrobes. Simple, shirt cut enriched with pockets and hood are like a uniform for a modern urban hippie. It can be worn from morning to night and depending on the styling can be worn at any occasion.So far we created over three thousand unique sweatshirt and each of them had a different, unique design.