Boho inspired by Alexandra Tolstoy

Countess Alexandra Tolstoy is not the type of person you meet every day. A passionate adventurer with thousands of miles of travel on horse and camel back under her belt – from Russia to Mongolia to Siberia, and most memorably her epic expedition along the Silk Road – she has also written a book about her travels and presented the series ‘Horse People with Alexandra Tolstoy’ for BBC2 and last, but not least, is a mother of three small children.

The concept for the Boho collection came naturally, since Alexandra has been our regular customer. Alexandra’s stylist Magdalena Kmieciak-Patrinou, being a Boho enthusiast herself, suggested doing a small collaboration. Fast forward several months, and here it is – a collection which is the result of close cooperation between designer Gosia Bochenek and stylist Magda Kmieciak-Patrinou. Working remotely between London and Krakow, they discussed every detail of what was to become a series of clothes that Alexandra could wear on a daily basis.

Alexandra has a great love for fashion, and her wardrobe houses creations by the world’s greatest designers. So our collection needed to have that little high-fashion twist. We also wanted it to reflect the distinctive urban rhythm of London, where Alexandra lives.

Boho inspired by Alexandra Tolstoy Boho inspired by Alexandra Tolstoy Boho inspired by Alexandra Tolstoy

The collection makes a balance somewhere between classic elegance and natural loose lines. A stylish woman’s suit made of cotton canvas was paired with a lace bodysuit. A bomber jacket known from previous collections returns with a brand new look featuring stunning Italian jacquard with floral ornament. We could not forget about the flower motifs that have become a trademark of Boho, but this time round they come with different cuts, fabrics and fits. As is the case with each Boho collection, the one inspired by Alexandra Tolstoy also features our flagship product, namely the Boho hoodie.

The session with Alexandra was shot at her London home by Piotr Kierat, Boho’s permanent photographer.

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