Malgosia Bochenek

I cannot imagine ‘Boho people’ cycle without a person whose example and life are the essence of this phrase… As usual, Małgosia and I meet under pleasant circumstances; this time not in Kraków, but in Bory, Jaworzno, where the time probably stopped passing, and what is more, we were sitting either at the grandma’s table or on the blanket in the garden and had an opportunity to catch up with our talks and eternize wonderful moments from that day on the photographs.

How does a day from the life of a Boho Lady but also a Boho Mom of two children look like?

Days look similar to one another as I had to work out a pattern for myself. I get up around 7 a.m. and try to feed the household while preparing myself and the kids to leave. I take my older son to kindergarten while the younger one stays home with a babysitter. I have about 4 hours to myself. I try to accumulate all tasks for this period so that I don’t have to work after coming home. I don’t own a car so I have even less time. I always have my iPhone with me so I start my work day after leaving the kindergarten, in a taxi or on a tram. I reply to emails, make appointments, handle unfinished business. It is hard for me to work at home so everyday I organize a temporary “office” in my favourite cafĂ© located in the city centre. I turn on my computer and get back to work over white coffee and a piece of cake. I do everything remotely and depute operational activities to helpful souls. My job is based around contacts with people. Emails, meetings, phonecalls. Production takes a lot of time too. My work isn’t seasonal so I choose fabrics, oversee the production and organize the advertising (photoshoots etc.) all the time. There’s not a lot of time for so many tasks, but the kids help organize my day. Fortunately, I work with people who really understand my aesthetic and working style. I’m not a perfectionist, I act spontaneously and trust my intuition. Taking care of the household does, however, take up most of my time after coming home. That’s when I slow down and become a mom. Though it’s not easy, I try not to work after 4 p.m.

Many of Your Clients would probably like to know where did the idea for Boho came from and how was the brand created, how it grew?

The brand was created somewhat by chance and somewhat as the only option for me. I could, for example, have a small bakery or run a boarding house but I’d certainly run my own business and offer the same aesthetic. I learned everything from my own mistakes and successes. The brand grew organically, I didn’t plan much as I trusted my intuition. Boho was created at the perfect moment when the Internet was doing an excellent job at helping promote yourself.

Where do you draw your inspiration from, what stimulates you?

I draw my inspiration from everything. I think every person I meet, every sound I hear, shape and colour I see have an effect on the end result of my work. Nature certainly has the biggest influence on me. I spend every free moment outdoors which calms me down and lets me clear my mind.

In the era of the great migration of many local artists to the capital You still live in Krakow, that’s where the headquarters of Boho is located – what binds You with this city?

I came here eight years ago to study, I was supposed to become an engineer. I didn’t graduate but I fell in love and couldn’t live anywhere else. I tried living in various places but I always missed Krakow. I lived in Warsaw for half a year before Boho was created but every weekend I was going back south. I’m from Jaworzno, it’s 60 km from here. Although I’m energetic and hard-working I love Krakow’s pace. I know I can stop any time I want and let the calmness of this city sink in. The time really flows slower here. I like the laid-back nature of its residents, it helps me keep a distance from my work. I’m not sure Krakow is my final destination but I like it very much

Your brand promotes a feminine but casual style – what do you personally like to wear, what would you never wear?

I have three favourite styles. The summer one is flowery dresses with heavy boots. The spring one is based around loose male cut jeans while the winter one is based around tight pants and thick jumpers. There are things I can’t get enough of. Undershirts made of striped fabric, classic dungarees, 90s flowery dresses, oversize pants, jumpers made of thick wool. Before I became a mom I often wore platform shoes but now I am completely practical and always on the run so my shoes have to comfortable. The orthopaedic birkenstocks trend has saved my fashion face. I don’t like artificial fabrics and dowdiness. I prefer buying clothes in second hands rather than shopping malls. I wear a lot of my own projects, I create every design for myself.

How do you take care of your beauty? Do you have favourite cosmetics, fragrances, places where you buy them?

I shop on the run and don’t buy a lot, just shampoo and conditioner actually. Although I dye my hair a lot it is still healthy and full. I buy argan oil in a nearby small shop. I use the oil or baby olive on my body I only use hand cream during winter but I noticed that the less I use it the less my body needs it. I’ve always loved perfume and I stick to every fragrant for a long time. Molecules from Galilu has been my fragrant of choice for a few years now. Sometimes I mix them with essential oils or other perfume. My make up tends to be very delicate but I like strong colours on my lips and nails.

How would you describe the coming season in fashion, what will you take away from it?

It’s a dream come true. Flyers jackets, military jackets, big men’s coats and thick jumpers. It will be lovely!