Marysia Przybyszewska

Thanks to Paulina Pajka from this day on, from time to time we are going to present to you the portraits of Boho Girls, who live a beautiful life. We are fascinated by their rituals, pictures, style and preferences. We would like to inspire you and show you exactly what we have in mind when we say “Boho Girl”. Let’s start with Maria Przybyszewska.

Marysia Przybyszewska is a photographer by education. She has worked with Lidia Popiel (among others). Yet, life is unpredictable. Maria has always loved cooking and when her friends called for her help with the opening of a diner, she decided to try to do it.

Things were happening really quickly and soon she is going to be an intern in the Noma restaurant in Copenhagen. Today, she collaborates with Usta magazine and Pewnego Razu Cafe. Every two weeks, she organizes unique vegan breakfasts for her friends.

Paulina Pajka has come with a camera to visit her on such a breakfast and in her house in Saska Kępa in Warsaw.

What does your day look like?

Why don’t I tell you about what my day off looks like. I love to sleep, so it takes me a long time to get out of bed; luckily I have a dog Szajka, and she motivates me to get up in the morning. A long walk, shopping for groceries for breakfast on a market nearby – just like a Polish saying goes „A shoemaker walks barefoot”, I often have an empty fridge. I catch up on things, that is I read articles from my favorite add-ons in Wyborcza magazine, I reply to e-mails, such ordinary things. Lunch in the city is a must. Krowarzywa, Au Lac, Loving Hut, To Tu are my usual choices, because I am totally addicted to those places. I love the cinema, so if there is anything good out there this is how I finish my day.

You prepare meals for friends at weekends. How do you prepare for such meetings and why do you even do that?

Those are breakfasts for everyone, but that’s true, many of my friends come and I feel grateful for that. I love eating together, a huge laid table, the atmosphere around it. Many people don’t know each other, but sitting at one table they have to communicate, even if just asking each other to pass something from the other end. I like to watch people, how they get to know each other, how they talk. For me it’s also a great opportunity to meet people I don’t see too often and chat with each of them.

Do you live and work mainly in Warsaw? What do you like in here and how would you describe contemporary Warsaw?

I was born and raised in Warsaw, in Saska Kępa. I am very connected to this city, and even more to my neighborhood, which is beautiful. I particularly like the moment of driving from the noisy centre to Kępa and it suddenly gets quiet, well not entirely because it’s still the city, but the difference is huge. And all the green areas, alleys of trees, Skaryszewski Park, plots in Międzynarodowa street. Warsaw is a city with a beautiful and sad story and I love it for that. What’s it like right now? Modern, full of interesting people, new places. Something new appears before you get used to the last changes.

A place at home where you relax and load your batteries?

Of course my balcony, a tiny space where I’ve managed to create a garden and a place to lie down. Two wooden boxes and a piece of mattress. Full happiness. In the boxes I grow various herbs that I use in the kitchen. Apart from that I really like my room, wooden furniture, thick carpet, obligatory fresh flowers and a few gadgets, but not too many, I’ve grown out of collecting everything. And I love my philodendron that I’ve nicknamed Monster. My Mother gave it to me after she saved it from freezing. It was quite small and now I keep changing pots for bigger ones.

Of course my balcony, a tiny space where I’ve managed to create a garden and a place to lie down. Two wooden boxes and a piece of mattress. Full happiness.

A place in the world where you relax?

I relax everywhere, where I can find good people, delicious food, music, warm temperature, a lot of greenery. I love Masuria. The smell of forest calms me down.

Will you share with us a recipe for your favorite summer treat?

Summer holidays are broad beans with garlic and dill, raspberry, blueberry and currant cocktail, and new potatoes with egg and sour milk.

How would you describe your own style? What would you never wear?

It’s hard to describe my style, even hipster doesn’t fit. I pay attention to fashion and what’s going on in it, I am faithful to black and very skinny pants. I recently like high waist with a short top that shows my stomach. I wear shirts with my favorite bands bought at concerts, sneaker with thick soles. I follow fashion more in the summer, in winter I wear a North Face parka and warm shoes. I would love to be able to walk barefoot. I wouldn’t wear a basque or wedge-heeled sports shoes (even Vans once made such a model, the horror!), or imitations.

Have you got any beauty rituals and cosmetics you couldn’t do without?

I care a lot about my hair. I use Indian Khadi herb oil, protein shampoo and Himalaya conditioner, canary seed. I always sleep with a braid. I don’t use many cosmetics. A light base, good mascara, under-eye concealer, blush, sometimes darkened eyebrows – and an eyelash curler, I would take it even to a desert island.